Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rdbhdb, now for Python 3

Our DB API 2 module, called Rdbhdb, now suppports Python 3.

In the process of updating, I found a good new module.

The Python 2 version used the 'encode' module from the Poster package.  That module has not been ported to Python 3, so I went looking for a new module to do multipart form-data encoding.  I found the Requests package on PyPI, and borrowed the 'filepost' module from that.  It works well.  In my search, I had opportunity to look over the Requests API, and it is an elegant API, doing the http request functionality in straightforward ways.  If I were writing my own module now, I would use Requests, in lieu of HttpLib/Urllib as I did.

Back to Rdbhost: the new Rdbhdb module is in the same Github repository as the old, where the two are seperated into different folders.  Each is complete, with and test suite.

David Keeney

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