Thursday, June 6, 2013

TodoMVC, Rdbhost style

The TodoMVC project was created to help people choose a JavaScript MVC framework.  It includes a couple dozen implementations of the same HTML5 app, a Todo list.   Each implementation uses a different JavaScript framework.  Each of them uses the browser's localstorage for Todo storage, avoiding any specific back-end dependence.

Rdbhost has its own version of this TodoMVC project.  Here, the intention is to show how each framework can be used with the backend.   So far, I have implemented versions for the most popular 5 frameworks, AngularJS, Backbone, KnockoutJS, Ember and CanJS.   I may add more in time.

Each back-end interface is fairly minimal;  For AngularJS and KnockoutJS, it uses a singleton blob in the database for all Todo records.  Backbone, Ember and CanJS have a CRUD type back-end interface, and for each of those, I created a table with one record per Todo, and a CRUD-style client-side adapter to put and get data.  Each framework project includes a page 'initialize.html', that requests the Rdbhost account password, gets the super authcode with that, and sets up the necessary tables.

AngularJS seems to include an integrated backend data retrieval API, and I may re-implement the AngularJS TodoMVC to use a more sophisticated approach.

Find the working site at: .
Code is at: .


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